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Hi all,

I need some help with some statistical work:

So, I am trying to understand how I can transform time into probability.

I have 2 teams playing a game for 10 minutes. One team scores 1 pt per each minute and the other team takes 1,5 minutes in average to score one point.
I want to know what is the probability of one each team scoring 5 points ? The team that scores faster is the favorite, but what is it's actual chance ? And, what about scoring 12 points ? Although in average the fastest is scoring 10pts in 10 minutes, there will be still a chance they can do it ? Or, what is the chance neither doing it ?

The way I have tried to do it was by measuring the time needed per team to score 5 points. So team A takes 5 m and team B would take 7.5 minutes to do it. Meaning that with just 5 minutes team B would have just scored 5 / 1.5 = 3.33 points.

Being so, there difference at 5 points should be 1.666 points. And they would have played 8.333. Can I then apply the normal distribution and say that the chance of team A winning the race to 5 points is 71% ?
Mean = -1.6666
SD = (8.333)^2
X = 0
Cumulative = TRUE

And how would I calculate the chance if one team has already 2 points and the other zero ?

thanks for the help