Really Stupid Question Re SPSS

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Firstly, talk Stats is a great resource. I am new to this forum but looking forward to contributing/asking questions/helping in the future.

I have been mainly a user of MiniTab so just working my way around SPSS 11.5 at the moment. My question is that I need to do a logistic regression but cannot find the command/pull down menu to do it. Where is it?? I have done some research online and it would seem that it can be found i the


But, it is just not there!!!!! I'm not sure if I'm going crazy or what but I can't find it. I have done some research online and looked at a book (admittedly a 12.0 book; but 11.5 and 12.0 are soooo close!!) and they all say that this is where the command can be found. :confused:

Any suggestions????


You may want to use the spss 11.5 help function or manual to locate logistic regression. It should be under the Analyze tab.

Thanks for your kind comments. It would be great if you join the discussion.
Thanks for the timely reply,

You know what, I did look in the help base and I didn't see anything mentioned about logistic regression. Only linear and curve fitting. Nothin in the tutorial either.

Am I missing something here????? :confused:

lhcpr :D
Hey there,

Well here's the verdict after contacting SPSS help desk:

"It sounds like you do not have the regression module. This would need to be purchased separately. For purchase information, please contact SPSS Sales at .

Please note that SPSS 11.5 is no longer a supported product. Our most recent version is SPSS 14.

Thank you."

You have to purchase a regression module??? That seems odd!!!


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SPSS, Minitab, Statistica, etc. are in the business of "making money."

This often precludes doing what would "make sense" to a statistician when designing a statistics software package.:D

So, I'm not surprised.....