recommendation to analyze this experiment

Hi, I have an experiment where I am evaluating the efficiency of drugs applied individually and the mixture of each possible combination of these (150 treatments), in addition, I am evaluating the effect of the application of these treatments on three different phenotypes (150*3). for each treatment, I have five replicates.
I would like to know which are my best treatments, I ask you what options would be more relevant to perform the analysis of this experiment, since I only have one dependent variable and too many treatments. What tests would you recommend me to perform (the data are normal and homoscedastic). Could I perform Post Hoc analysis? If so, which one?

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How big of an effect are you expecting - since some time of correction for false discovery is likely necessary.

@Dason - didn't you do something with qvalues - an application here?
is it a drug synergy experiment? ie 'checkerboard'? What is the endpoint, invivo or invitro?
Yes, I was thinking of calculating synergism but separately, because there is an interfering factor (phenotypes), and as I mentioned above, my idea is to look for which drug or mixture of drugs is more efficient to reduce a symptom (this is my dependent variable).
I would not consider it a 'checkerboard' because I am not evaluating concentrations (yet) although the structure is the same, I am evaluating completely different drugs (individual and mixture).
It is an in vivo experiment