Regression Analysis - Stadium Trip - Least Miles

Hello All,
I recently took an MBA class in Regression and fell in love. Was wondering if I could get some help in creating a regression analysis for this stadium trip I want to plan next year.

Goal is to go to every baseball stadium in the US and watch one game per day then travel to the next city. I will have to add in distance between each city/stadium, the number of miles can be adjusted depending on how much I want to drive on the trip and creating the least amount of driving for the entire trip. As a bonus, I wanted to see if I can hit the most bobbleheads promotional giveaways on the trip as possible, with still keeping the one game per day goal. I would have to load in the schedule for each team and which games have bobbleheads. Thanks again!
As I understand regression analysis, a continuous dependent variable is regressed on one or more continuous independent variables to model how much the independent variables affect the dependent variable