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I am doing a research on the effect of Covid-19 (2019-2021) and the financial crisis of 2007 (2007-2009)of firm innovation performance. I am in the possession of a panel data file with in total 11312 observation of 707 companies over the period 2006-2021. The dependent variable is R&D expenditure, and some independent variables are company size, revenue, total assets. I know that commonly used models are the fixed or random effects model, but I am not so sure if one of these models is the right one... Has some of you maybe an idea? This would really help me out !!


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Time series or random effects may be of interest, since observations across years are correlated. For example, my weight today is correlated with my weight last week and to a lesser extent the week prior. Ignoring this dependency structure across time can lead to biases in the interpretation of output.


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Since all time series is rough I suggest intervention analysis (some call this piece regression). Analyze if the slope changed as result of the interventions. If the change is a pulse, so it occurs than fades away pretty much entirely, or the impact is too gradual this won't work. There are also test of structural breaks which suggest a permanent change.