repeated measures

hello there, I would like, please, to understand what kind of analysis I should do and how to do it.

(the real variables are different, but has the same scales)
I want to see the changes in some psychological factor (the levels of that variable are binary: yes/no), in two conditions: less stressful time (first measurement) stressful time (first period of measurement). It's a paired sample, meaning both went through both conditions.
the stress is the independent variable and it was measured - so is a continuous variable (mean of some items of the same Likert scale)

my data set is as follows:
psychological factors exist in the first condition: yes/no. psychological factors exist in the second conditon: yes/no
stress measurement in the first condition: means (ranging from 1 to 5). stress measurement in the second condition: means (ranging from 1 to 5):

for example:
subject/ psychological factor first condition/ stress in the first condition/ psychological factor second condition/ stress in the second condition
1 yes 2 yes 3.5
no 3 no 4
no 2.5 yes 4.2
no 2.2 yes 4
no 3.2 yes 3.7

Now, I have found that the psychological factor has been increased in the second time period (the more stressful one). And also the stress has been increased (bigger reported stress in the stressful time condition rather than the first one). both significant.

my question is how can I check in a more straightforward way that it is the arise in the stress that affected the rise in the psychological factor?

do I need to do GLM? my supervisor told me I can do repeated measurement (not sure how you do it), can someone help me with that?