Reporting hierarchical regression

I have a 2-step hierarchical regression.

Step 1
Variable A = significant p<.001

Step 2
Variable A = now non significant

Variable B = signficant p <.01
Variable C = almost significant p<.10
Variable D = NS.

So what do I say? Do I say variable A is a significant predictor or not??


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Hmmmm.....I don't think you'll get much response with that little and vague information. You'll have to put down a lot more about your model and results if you would like people to respond.


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What happened in step 2, you added three new variables; 'A' drops to non-significance after their inclusion. Usually, you report step 2 results only. So A is not a significant predictor, or you can say A drops to non-significance after the inclusion of B,C,D in step 2.