Reporting significant H&L results

Hi, 4 years ago I did a logistic regression analysis as part of my PhD with a total sample of over 5,000. Now I am editing my thesis and I realise I forgot a lot about statistics and I am a bit lost. 3 out of my 18 models are significant at 0.004, 0.014 and 0.020 respectively. So this mean I should not draw any conclusions on these models right? should I avoid discuss them further than saying they were significant and not a good fit, and that they do not describe the data? I used the hosmere and Lemeshow test in SPSS. Thanks for reading


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Generally if a model is not significant you would not bring it up other than to say that the model, as compared to a variable, was not significant. How did you decide the model was not significant.

Goodness of fit is an entirely different issue than model signficance.


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Did you eventually whittle down the models to one that you actually used or did you fit a **** ton of models and report on multiple? I don't know if I would get too worked up about H-L test. If is likely better to make decisions based on plotting the observed vs predicted or calibration plots than a single all or nothing test. Model preference can also be examined using AICC.