Representing a MLR equation on its matrix form

Hi everyone,

So my teacher was showing us how to find the B coeficients of a Multiple Linear Regression equation (Bo+B1x1+Bnxn) using matrixes and he told us to use this chart to represent the equation in the matrix form but I don't understand how to use it. Supposedly, with this chart you can create a matrix for the MLR equation for any given number of independent variables. I'm attaching the chart to this thread.

You'll probably need this to read the chart:
k=number of independent variables
n=number of data

Any help is more than welcome, thanks!


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What exactly is the question? You construct those two matrices and then your parameters estimates are \(A^{-1}g\)


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Have you read any matrix algebra courses? What you need in order to estimate the coefficients is knowledge about matrix multiplication and matrix inversion.