Restructuring data: Put each case on a row

I need some help restructuring my data in SPSS. Usually in the raw data each variable/coloumn is a different question, however the system I am using is giving me output the opposite way. Var 1 = all questions in the survey. Var 2 = all answers in the survey. Var 3 and 4 are Store and City # and Var 6 is the actual primary key for each respondent.

How do I get it so that all questions in Var 1 become new columns/variables and the answers go along with them for variables 2,3,4,5. var 6 is the primary key so that should be the case number. I tried getting using the restructure wizard and the closest I got is putting all cases and questions in order. I think the restructure wizard should do it, i am just unclear how to use that feature.

Any ideas? I'll attach a sample in excel since i can't upload spss files.
When you say that Variable 1 is all of the questions in the survey do you mean that each row is a different question in the survey?

In other words, does each location use multiple rows?

Also, how exactly are you wanting to restructure the data? For instance, if it is the problem that you have each location using multiple rows do you wish to collapse it such that each location uses a single row and then the columns are the responses from that location on each question?
Each row is a different question. There should be only 3 rows in this data set. However, there are 15 due to the questions being put all in 1 column.

1st case = 12508/respondent 1
2nd case = 12511/respondent 2
3rd case = 12515respondent 3

I believe in SPSS there is a way to transpose it so that it is in the right format. Each question should be its own column/variable.
Yeah, the restructure wizard can take care of this (at least on the versions of SPSS I've used).

What you want to do is select the "Restructure Selected Cases Into Variables" using the respondent number as your indicator variable. From there you just have to make selections based on how exactly you want things labelled.

Any further questions?