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Hi dear colleagues,

In fact, it is not clear to me what is the difference between gen and egen exactly. the results are different for each.

second, how can I save the results in stata.

how to do the post tests in stat to avoid the multi collinearity and Heteroscedasticity.

Thanks in advance for help


egen allows you to use some function such as "group", "mean", etc. Take a look at "help egen" to see all the function for egen. Some of them are very useful, especially when you use it together with "by".

You can save your database using "save *.dta" or store results with "est sto".

Finally if you want to see the various tests in Stata, take a look at postestimation commands (such as "reg postestimation").



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Thank you very much Etienne

when I process the data and update or create new variables, I save my work by save "*.dta" command.

but when I actually run a whatever regression, I cant save the results and tables unless to copy it from stata result window but unfortunately its not well organized, so is there a way to save the regression results within the dataset file or separately.

when i use est sto name, it gives me new column with 1, and nothing stored or restored

Thanks again