RExcel command REval() only returns first value

I'm dealing with large data sets that I'm updating regularly and need to see updating statistics in comparatively real time. I found the awesome RExcel package based on the rcon interface, and with the in-worksheet command REval() I can check any R stat instantly as I update it. Unfortunately, most R stats have two components (e.g. t-value and P-value) and its always the less useful one that appears first. While its really easy going from a t-value to a P-value, it can't for the life of me figure out how to get from a Shapiro-Wilks W-value to a P-value (that was an entire night of google and google-scholar searches right there).

My ultimate goal is to optimally figure out how to display the second test value for the REval command. Sub-optimally, I'd appreciate a way to roughly translate a Shapiro-Wilks W-value to a P-value (oh, and to save me another night of google searches a way to go from a wilcoxin V-value to a P-value would be nice, though admittedly I haven't tried very hard to find this on my own yet).