robust regression estimators

Hi everyone.

I have studied the robust regression a few weeks ago and I want to have a lot of insight about it. After reading some sources, I know some estimators on robust regression, i.e. M-estimators, MM-estimators, LTS-estimators, LMS-estimators, and s-estimators. However, every source I read just a little explanation about this. My question is "What distinguishes it from theory and application on the estimators?"
What is the usefulness of robust regression in addition to detecting outliers ?



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Well, I don't think it is so much the detection of outliers as the ability not to let outliers influence the results.

I need to better learn about robust regression, I would appreciate it if you could list some of the better articles or websites links. Thanks.


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One thing to remember about robust regression is that it only works with interval DV.

This is a SAS paper on robust regression

This is a UCLA site that discusses robust regression for SAS

A discussion of the background

A discussion of procrobustreg which is the sas product that deals with this

I stopped working on this when it became obvious most of my DV were categorical in nature.