Rolled 7 doubles in a row!

The other night my wife and kids and I pulled out parchessi. at one point, bewteen my daughter, my son and I, we rolled 7 doubles straight. If I did my stats right (6 raised to the 7th) the odds of that happening were around 1 in 280,000. I thought it was cool.


1/(6^7) = 0.000003572245

Yes 1/279936 is what I get.

pretty cool. Why didn't you pack the family up and head to the nearest Casino?

EDIT: Hadn't thought of Dason's remark :)


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Just wondering because if there were about 500 rolls made (that's probably way more rolls than you made but let's go with it for the time being) then the probability of observing at least 7 doubles in a row is roughly 1/1000.

Note that I know nothing about parcheesi and I'm assuming that every time you roll both dice.