Rstudio, correlation between answers (yes, no, NA) and surgical approach: correlation matrix plot ?


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Hello everyone,
This is my first post, hope I do it well ?

I require some help with a medical study I'm currently finishing.

I have a questionnaire with 48 questions (well-being) for people who underwent the same surgical operation but through different approaches (anterior or lateral).
I really tried to figure it out but I'm lost so far.: my main goal is to study the propensity to answer YES/NO/DON'T KNOW whether you underwent an anterior or lateral approach for the surgery (those are two different risk-profile surgeries).

I tried to do some work searching the great Internet and maybe I need to use a matrix correlation ?

Could you please take some of your time to enlighten me ?

That would be very great and kind,

Thanks in advance for any comment.

Dr AA.