RStudio CSV Import of incorrectly formatted data

Hi everyone, new to the site, hope I'm posting in the right place.

Just started using R after a recommendation from my uni tutor in order to process the data from my dissertation experiment. I'm most used to Matlab and the transition has seemed pretty easy so far.

I've just finished my disseration experiment (a virtual reality test built in Unity), and I saved all of the test subject data from the experiment to CSV files. However, I didn't do any forward thinking on how I would be processing my data and so it's laid out like this

Each subject's data up top, then ten rounds each, with each round data as above and every guess taken in each round listed beneath it.

My plan with R was to create a Guess class for each guess and then a Round class which, amongst the rest of the round data has a list of guess classes in it. I was hoping I'd be able to read the entire CSV file in and then selects which cells were data and import them etc etc.

However, RStudio's CSV import seems to be looking for a more traditional table style of layout and can't read the data the way I've formatted it. Is there a way to avoid this? Or do I need to manipulate the data in excel to be laid out like RStudio expects? Is there any way to do that fast or am I looking at an absolutely nightmare amount of manual reworking?

Thanks in advance for all your help.


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Perhaps install the readxl package and use read_excel
But it does seem like the format might be a pain. Afterall, 90% of the time is used data cleaning.
You might look into using dplyr to help clean things up.