RWA and political spectrum. Cont IV - Categorical DV

So I have another hypothesis I want to design:

My IV is scores from an right wing authoritarianism scale. Possible scores for a person range from 0 to 180. No decimals(Does it matter?).
My DV is where the person states s/he resides on a political spectrum ranging from -4(left) to +4(right). I guess I can code it as 1-9 or 0-8; or categorically as ultra left, very left, left, somewhat left, center, somewhat right, right, very right, ultra right.

The prediction will be that people who score high on the RWA scale will be on the right and people who score low on RWA scale will be on the left.
I guess my IV is continious and my DV is categorical, right? And I can do correlation and no regression? What tests can I do here? If you can give me the names I can probably research the nature of the tests... Thanks in advance


TS Contributor
I'd consider the spectrum rating as ordinal scaled. You could perform a Spearman rank correlation between both variables.

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