Sample size calculation multiple categorical variables

Hi, I made survey in which respondents could choose between 20 different categories. To answer my research question I will just be using descriptive statistics and no inferential tests. I want to calculate the sample size I need, and need Cochran's formula for that (right?), n = (t^2)*(pq)/(0.05)^2, where q=p-1?

Could someone help me with figuring out what to fill in for p q in this case? Thank you very much in advance!
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If you do not make inferential tests, then why do you want to make a sample size calculation? What for?

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I'm making statements as X% of the respondents found X,Y,Z important. Is it then not also good to show that you had enough respondents? Or does it not matter? In any case, I'm still interested in the calculation... Thankyou!