SAS exam and code -- help please

Hi Guys

I am given a short amount time to do a problem set in SAS given an unknown dataset.

As a result, I've looked at past exams and created hypothetical data to create a good set of code to write that final.

I've attached the code called SAS_exam.doc . My apologies for not including the SAS data set or code, but they were "invalid file types". Within this file is my attempt at answering the questions with the code I thought best.

Secondly, The set of questions is called Lab Quiz 2005. I created the dataset haphazardly , so you might get some strange values. It's not a big deal, I"m more interested in how correctly my code is written, and if there's a more efficient way to answer the questions -- the actually values matter little.

My apologies for the trouble -- great thanks in advance!