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Is there a way to search for posts that certain users have thanked? For instance if I was interested in all of the posts that I gave "Thanks" to would there be a way to list those?

Or... if I was interested in the few posts that Jake has thanked would it be possible to get that list?


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Grey and old ts wise man speaking: back in the days of old we used to have such a feature. It died with a forum update. Best to ask the founder about this.

Also I would be interested in a way of looking at forum statistics. I mean aren't we stats geeks? How about some functionality that allows me to search for the number of Dason post as a function of hour of the day. Or detect which topics are trending at the moment or which topics trend in each university semester. Such features, limited to contributors or mods, would be pretty nice.


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Or how many times Dason has ruined trinker/spunky/etc hope:p

Behold I have become the destroyer of hope....

I would like to know what the specific award stand for. For example which of Dason's occured after he destroyed spunky's hope, which came for transforming into a cyborg, which came the hundredth time he show me I messed up an analysis [*heavy sigh*] and which reflects his Marshal of R status....
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No cake for spunky
You have been thanked 239 times, but you remember one as most important?:p

I think my highlight here is when dason actually has agreed in a post that I got one of my comments correct:) It means I actually got something right at least a few times....