SigmaPlot Boxplots

Hi all,
New here and hoping someone might be able to help (with what is a potentially stupid/obvious question--so apologies if that is the case).

I am trying to make some boxplots on SigmaPlot, however I have realized the calculation they use to compute the quartiles, as well as the whisker lengths must be different from other programs (e.g. SPSS). I would like my whiskers to be as they are shown on SPSS. Is there a way to manually specify what the whiskers should be on a boxplot? Also, the options for presenting outliers in SigmaPlot are limited, because the program plots all outliers above/below 90/10%, so the outlier points are even/the same number of outliers are given on each side of the boxplot--again different to SPSS. For outliers I figure I can finagle around this by just plotting them separately as a scatterplot, but I am struggling with the boxplot/whisker issue.

Have I just been thinking about this too hard? Is there a really obvious solution I am missing?

I've attached some partial images of my sigmaplot graphs vs spss graphs so you can get an idea about what I am talking about with the different quartile/whisker/outlier values. Sorry they are cut a little funky/some axis titles removed, just not wanting to share my project data widely.

Many thanks for your help!



TS Contributor
Without having SigmaPlot, it would be difficult to speculate. I recommend that you look and see whether there is an Options menu that gives you more control over the box plot, and review the Help. However, it is possible that SigmaPlot does not provide this control.