[SigmaPlot] Color Code XY Plot with Third Column

Is there any way to use a third column to colour datapoints in a scatterplot? I have over 50 graphs that I need to make plotting percentages (third column onwards) over time (1-date). I want the data points to be different colours or symbols based on column 2 (source). Attached is an image of my worksheet.

Normally to get around this I would make a column with each source and each percent (ex. BMX Rhizobiales, BKR Rhizobiales, AMBS Rhizobiales, etc.). But 5 sources times ~50 percent columns would mean I'd have ~250 columns to work with. I want to avoid that and keep my data consolidated with the source column.

Is this possible for a scatterplot? Can I make the XY plot and then somehow colour the points based on a third column?

Thank you so much, any help is appreciated.