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The Suzuka Automotive Company claims that its Accent model gets the best gas mileage, in terms of miles per gallon (mpg), of any car on the market. More specifically, it contends that the Accent gets better mileage than the Hondo Slavic CPX model. To test this claim, Suzuka retains an independent testing agency to compare randomly selected Accent and Slavic models that are equivalently equipped. The testing agency takes a random sample of 30 automobiles of each type and evaluates the cars on a 100 mile test drive. The average gasoline mileage and the standard deviation of the mileages appear in the table below.

Accent Model Slavic CPX Model
n1 = 30 cars n1 = 30 cars
X1 = 44.24 mpg X2 = 41/6 mpg
s1 = 3.16 mpg s2= 1.74 mpg

Is Suzuka's claim warranted at the α = .05 significance level?


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What test is being performed here? If you answer that there are calculators for the answer all across the internet :)


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