Significance stars on F stat in -eststo-

Hi all,

I am running several regressions and presenting the results using the eststo package.

Does anyone know if it possible to get significance stars on the F-statistic as you can on the coefficients?

syntax I am using is:

eststo: regress fim news
esttab, se ar2 scalars(F)
Hi there,

I don't remember exactly but I think there is an option called "staraux" to get significance stars on auxiliary parameters. If you use this option together with "aux(F)" you may replace t-stats by F-stats and get significance stars on these parameters.

Hope this helps


PS: Personnaly i use estout instead of esttab. Estout offers probably more options than esttab so if you can't do what you want to do with esttab you might consider using estout.