Simple command in SAS for regression with a large number of covariates?


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I'm a new poster and I searched before creating this thread, so I hope I'm not raising a common question that is constantly being answered here.

I've been using R for about 4 years now but am just beginning to use SAS. In R, given a data set called "data" with variables Y, X1, ..., Xp, I can call up a regression command in R:

lm(Y ~ ., data=data, ...)

Is there anything that corresponds to the function the period serves (i.e., calls in all the remaining variables) in SAS? Or do I need to explicitly write out all the variables I want included in the model? I've asked several people in person and none know how to do it. Thanks in advance.


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There are few macro variables like _numeric_ (all numeric variables) , _all_ can be used in PROC REG. But this include the response also.

I don't think a ready made solution available for replacing the "period in R". But one can write a macro to get this variables list (Using PROC CONTENTS) excluding the response.


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There is no direct function in SAS that will do that. However, you can write up macros that will loop to do a regression on each of the variables.

Seeing that you're new to SAS, I think you should become comfortable first. Once you're ready, I'll try to show you how to make one.


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Sometimes I wish there was a site similar to Rosetta Code that would have code snippets to show how you would accomplish certain stat analysis type tasks in the big stats languages (SAS, R, SPSS, ... I guess C).


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I figured it would require a macro. Link, thanks for the offer to help in the future; I may take you up on it at some point. Learning R was trial by fire and I think it will be the same for SAS. Seems like the best way to learn these things anyway.