Skilled statistician needed for factor analysis manuscript

Hi all,

My name is Jay. I hope this is the right forum for this request. I am working on a new manuscript with a Columbia University professor in the realm of stigma and psychosis research. We conducted a broad, yet intensive quantitative study with a large clinical interviewing component. We are seeking to create a scale, or rather create one for existing instruments used in the study, to address a unique, emergent psychosocial issue, and publish results of the analysis in a peer-reviewed journal.

I am looking for a statistician to be second author on the paper. S/he would guide the entire analysis and perform all tests and write up the methods. The analysis will be very heavy on factor analysis, so very strong, fluid skills in that area are ideal. Need someone who can work consistently within a 2-3 week time frame. Data is pretty clean and sample is relatively small, so this shouldn't be an issue. We will provide the general conceptual framework. Uncompensated, but manuscript has strong publication acceptance probability, and there will be opportunities for future publications on this particularly fascinating cohort.

If you are associated with an academic organization, that would probably be best for avoiding any conflicts of interest.

Please send me a PM with a few details on your background and availability in coming weeks.

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