Spline package for R

Kind of amazing

"The number of R packages available to users increases exponentially [[22]]. When version 2.11 of the R software was released in May 2010, there existed 2445 packages available on CRAN. In May 2015, when topic group 2 (TG2) of the STRATOS began the current investigation, CRAN had a little more than 6200 packages available. A simple program was created to search all help files and identify which of these packages contained the word "spline" in the help file. A total of 519 packages were found, out of which 229 packages were identified as relevant to the purposes of this study. All of these packages may (or may not) be interconnected, in the sense that a regression package might require a spline basis package to be loaded before. Packages which are 'isolated' usually contain functions to complement a specific research paper, or functions that correspond to a rather specialized method relevant only to a small number of researchers. By May 2016, there were 8670 packages available on CRAN. The increase in the number of new packages illustrates how difficult it is to keep up to date with statistical software, test and evaluate the code and come up with reasonable recommendations. In November 2018 the same number has risen to 13,382 packages contributed by 7642 authors."
lol I am not sure if that is true or not. But it does useful things.

I think in the business world they won't adapt it until it has a useful (not so time consuming) GUI.