Splitting Sample in SPSS


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I have a question on how to create a new, smaller sample from a large sample in SPSS. I'll explain my issue:

My professor asked us to get a dataset of no less than 1,500, however if the data set was over 5,000, we need to reduce it ("sample the sample" as he called it). Well, I have found a dataset which contains the variables I need for my research but it is 29,233 respondents (It is the Social Capital Benchmark Survey 2000 if anyone is familiar with it) and I therefore need to "sample the sample". I not familiar with doing this in SPSS, but I had an idea on how to reduce the dataset and I was wondering if it was possible.

The data set is a combination of a "local" and "national" sample. The local sample is 26,230 respondents and is from 41 US communities, while the national sample is 3,003 respondents (randomly selected within the continental US and a pefect size). The two samples do have sample id's which differetiate them which is why I thought it would be possible for me to create a new data set. Is this possible? If so, how to I do it? I have the SPSS 14.0 Grad Pack.

Thank you for any help that anyone can provide, it is appreciated.