SPSS 13.0 Student version: variable values

My variable is nominal and so I chose "string" for the type. It is a list of foods that are high in phosphorus and I asked for those most frequently consumed by patients in a survey (asked for five).
I came up with 10 categories of foods plus an 11th for "other."
In "Variable View": When I started plugging in the values (i. e. 1 = dairy, 2 = quick breads, etc.), when I put in 10 and 11, these appeared between 1 and 2 instead of following 9 in the list--because they contain a "one," I guess. There is no mention of a limit for values in Help that I can see. Does it matter that my list under "Values" will read 1, 10, 11, 2, 3, etc.?
Thanks for your longsuffering patience!


TS Contributor
It will do that when you treat numbers as if they were "letters" or "text" because it's putting them in "alphabetical" order.

Either change the variable type to Numeric or change the actual values to letters such as A, B, C, ...

(changing it to Numeric should not affect the way the analysis runs)