spss and likert scale


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Hi,wondering if you can help.

I am using a likert scale which does not give much information as
to how to analyse the score. In theory, the minimum and maximum range are 16-112.
High scores shows stress.
My test results range is between 16-81(47 participants) and I need
to work out a way to calculate what scores point to high/low levels of stress as there is no particular cut-off point.
I am using spss and would like a way to work it out on spss. If the minimum score was 0, i would have known how to do it but in this case, I am completely stuck!
You had summed 16 Likert items (7 points) to get a variable y1 between 16 and 112. So take:

y2 = y1 - 16

Now y2 has minimum 0 and maximum 96.

Now, please tell us, what are you going to do?