SPSS Correlation of single variable and independent variables

I am working in spss 23 and I'm stuck. I have data for which I am attempting to determine if certain color of a personality (there are 4 values) have a significant correlation with how respondents answered to 12 leadership styles. I have entered my data into SPSS...I just cannot remember how to pull out one of the 4 values and look across all of the 12 styles to see if for example all blues prefer a certain style...


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Not a SPSS user, but given your description I want you to follow-up on how your data are formatted. This doesn't really seem like a Pearson correlation setting, if that is what you are doing, given your description.
Thanks for your note

Maybe your comments could help clarify my formatting

I have 4 colors for which i have labeled utilizing numbers (Discovery profile color)
I have 15 scored variables for which I complete the sum of the scoring and enter into spss (LBDQ scoring)

My hypothesis is:
There will be a significant correlation between members of the team who scored within a color of the Insights Discovery Personality Profile, and their preference for leadership style utilizing the LBDQ XII.