spss glitch? (chi square expected values) please help!


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Hi everyone, hope someone can help.

I'm using spss 11.5 and have come up with a problem. I'm attempting to run a chi-square goodness of fit analysis but instead of having all my expected values equal i want to insert my own... easy you would think, but my expexted values are fairly large... i.e. 125.44, or 133.33 etc. The problem is the box that you insert the expected values in will not let you insert that many figures??? for instance it would let me insert 125.4, but not 125.44??
very bizarre. any help would be greatly appreciated.

cheers for your time


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The reason is probably due to the fact that a small difference, such as between 125.4 and 125.44, isn't going to amount to any difference (practically) in the outcome of the computation of the chi-square statistic.

...and in the end, it was probably an arbitrary decision (they didn't think long and hard about it).


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thankyou for your quick reply,

i guess your right...it wont make any difference to the overall test, it's just vaguely annoying because as i cant get my complete figures in the box, spss slightly alters them to make the overall value (all the expected values totalled up) correct...annoying when you've spent a while working out your expected values!!!.

thankyou again for your quick reply.