SPSS significance test between two categorical variable and one nominal DV

Hi experts,

I have two IV:
Gender + Age.
Gender: Male, Female
Age: Children, Youth, Adults, Seniors

Appointment: 0 = no-show, 1 = show

I already did a multivariate logistic regression between the IV's and the DV. They are significant with each other. ... Now what I want to do is, one step deeper. My goal is to find out, if Male + Children is significant to no-show, or, Male + Youth is significant to no-show, or, Female + Adults -> no-show... and so on, or all of the above.

Which SPSS statistical analysis can I use in order to reach my goal? I already tried Chi-square, but it doesn't tell me if, for example, Male + Children is significant to no-show. Also, already tried Loglinear analysis, also doesn't tell me exactly what I need.

Can you please help me with this? :) .. I am interested in the no-show part of the DV.