Stacked bar chart, Pre vs Post

Hi Guys,
Basically I have two variables test_pre and test_post. My variables assessed participants self-assessed knowledge using a 5 point liker scale (little to high). I would like to create a stacked bar chart of my two variables- bar next to the other. How can I do this. I google it but couldn't find the answer.

Thank you in advance,
A stacked bar chart is not a good representation of these data. First: Stacked bar charts are hard to read. But more important, such a plot will ignore the fact that it is the same people taking the test. What exactly you should use depends on what you want to show and how many people you have, but one possibility is to show all possible changes in score (1 to 2, 1 to 3, etc) another is to show only the amount of change (+1, +2 etc).

I don't use Stata so I can't say how to do these there.