[STATA] - Adding space in merged variable

Hi all,

I've got 10 different string variables that I want to consolidate into one so I did this:

gen newvar= var1+var2+var3+var4 etc

However when I did this, the info in my new variable is simply a long string of letters which is very difficult to read (it's a string variable). Is there a way to create this new variable whilst adding a space or punctuation or something between the different the inidividual variables?

Many thanks!


Ninja say what!?!
I'm not that good at STATA and don't have it in front of me right now. However, you should try gen newvar= var1+" "+var2+" "+var3+" "+var4 etc.

Thanks so much! It worked. I got your reply and tried it straight away and it worked but I wasn't able to log on for some reason to send you a thank you immediately so here is a belated one.