[Statistica] - Some beginner's questions

Hello everyone,

I'm just starting with Statistica (using the latest version, 10), and I have a few questions:

  • Is it possible to rename multiple variables? I have a spreadsheet that has variables that have random, meaningless names, and I would like to rename them according to a pattern (e.g. Day 1, Day 2, ...)
  • I was doing some Non-linear Estimation whereby I was trying to fit a curve to data contained in each of 20-something variables, using the same kind of function (curve shape). I had to repeat the process for each variable, everytime replacing the left-hand side of the expression with V1, V2, V3, etc. How can this be done automatically (in a batch), i.e. enter the expression with all its independent variables and unknown parameters, and then have the estimation executed for several dependent variables, each of which is a variable in my spreadsheet?
  • I had some headered data from Excel (first row contained names of variables), and I thought that pasting to Statistica would give me an option to automatically name the variables according to the first row, but instead, choosing the "Import with text labels" option made the labels appear on the first row, as actual values of the variables rather than as variable names. This lead to lots of manual renaming, which I could have done without. How can I tell Statistica that I want the first row in my pasted data to be transformed to variable names?
  • Is there a way to make the status bar display some basic stats (e.g. mean, cell count, min, max) about the current selection of cells, as is the case in Excel?
  • Can a workbook (.sta file) have multiple spreadsheets, as is the case in Excel?
  • I see that cases can be sorted according to variables (e.g. sort subjects ascending according to the Age variable), but can variables also be sorted (e.g. alphabetically)?
  • Is it possible to Undo and Redo several operations at once? In Word and Excel for example, the Undo and Redo buttons have an arrow next to them which opens up a list where you can not only see the names of all previous operations, but can also undo/redo any number of them

Thank you very much in anticipation for any help!


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Hi wildetudor,

Welcome StatSoft's STATISTICA! I see that you also posted these questions to the StatSoft User Forum. Several people have responded to your questions there.

You may also want to check out the STATISTICA Quick Reference, which includes examples, overviews, and illustrations with tips on how to optimize your work.

Hope this helps you getting started...