Statistical Rethinking Study Group

I just created a slack group for people who would like to do a slow read of McElreath's Statistical Rethinking. I'm working through all the examples, both in R and the PyMC3 port to python, but I find the statistics confusing at times and would love to bounce ideas off a fellow student.

If anyone would like to join, please email me at (pluviosilla at gmail dot com), and I will send you an invitation to the slack group.

This is a truly marvelous book, best I've found so far for coming up to speed with Bayesian statistics and probabilistic programming.

John Strong


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Not a student, but I am in. I had been reading it off and on - and I need a little encouragement to stay on point (mass). I haven't really used python, so that should help me as well.

Expect an email.