Statistical Tools for Analysis of Effect of Light, Temp, CO2, and pH on Growth Rate

My question is, what may be the ideal tools to analyze the data from this experiment and what are some resources you can recommend to learn about them (textbooks, website, etc.). I'm also just starting to learn R so feel free to work that in there.

I'm designing undergraduate research to be performed on moss. In this project I'll culture the moss in a variety of nutrient media, light, pH, CO2 concentrations, and temperatures, and then evaluate each combination of variables by periodically measuring dry mass to establish a growth rate. I have very little statistical background and I'd like to learn more. My understanding is that the light, temp, etc are all independent variables while the dry mass/growth rate is the dependent variable.

I've just begun searching for similar papers on other plants to see what statistical tools they are using so that I can look into those. I assume people would typically start with a beginners level educational resource and learn various tools and terminology and then progress to what they actually want to learn. But it tends to work better for me to start with what I'm interested in and learn backwards from there.

Thank you in advance for any assistance!