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I'm planning on writing an article over the weekend but I can't decide which topic to write on. So I'm asking everyone here for their opinions on which topics they would rather see. The two I had in mind were:

1) A more advanced article on calling C from R and calling R from C [and expanding the first article I wrote because it needs some revision]

2) An article on randomization/permutation testing and how it compares/contrasts to parametric based tests.

There of course is option 3) Let me know if there is something you want to see an article on and I'll see if I can pull something together.


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I think my first topic will be the use of R and mysql databases. Its something I'm working on now and I'm learning allot - after that I think I should make a article on using CUDA in conjunction with R (graphics card computing) - another thing I'm teaching myself :)

Though these are planned on the long run as I'm still learning!

The few posts on StatisticsPedia are great!


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I decided I would write the article on the permutation/randomization testing. Unfortunately, (due to plans made without my knowledge) I don't have access to any of the resources I was planning on using for that so I'll have to push starting it until Wednesday. If it's not up by Thursday evening yell at me and call me a cottonheadedninnymuggins. That should be motivate me to get it done if it isn't done by then already.


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Hmm. Nobody called me a cottonheadedninnymuggins. I wrote about half the article, got distracted and then forgot about it.

I still kind of wish we gave the StatisticsPedia site a little more love. I was thinking maybe TalkStats should dedicate at least one update a week - We could take turns and possibly have a running pool of ideas to write about. Would anybody be up for that kind of thing? If so we could create a new thread - something like "StatisticsPedia Article Sign-Up" where we just discuss who wants to write next and topics to write about.


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Hi Dason,
I was planning to write something about Correspondence Analysis for StatisticsPedia. But, unfortunately, I am struggling with the core of my PhD dissertation and I do not manage to do anything else :shakehead

I hope to do it in the very next future :yup:



I still kind of wish we gave the StatisticsPedia site a little more love.
I agree dason. I think it has great potential. Unfortunately, I haven't played with it much. When I have It's been as a consumer and not a provider of info, (great C+ from R article by the way. Thanks for taking the time to write it. I'm not there yet with programming but someday...). I would like to get the idea of providing people with article and book resources for specific stats analysis methods/models, per bugman’s suggestion.

Right now I have lots of questions about this idea:
How do I start something like this in statspedia?
Do I have the ability to post something like that there?
Is post even the right word?
How would it get set up?
Statisticspedia seems a bit more authoritative than a forum, should the content and posts be monitored to ensure quality articles are suggested?

I guess from my questions it’s obvious I haven’t read any of the guide for statisticspedia like I have the guidelines for forum posting and FAQ.

Anyway that was my thought on the subject of Statisticspedia. I think it’s a great idea but have only noticed Dason’s article (haven’t checked in a while though). I myself am not competent enough about statistics to write an article like that. I guess I could write (for instance a logistic regression how to) but it would be missing a great deal of the mathematics that I am missing. If I were to post something I’d feel more confident having a more knowledgeable person (aka a contributor or moderator) look it over first.

I’d love to see more articles that we could point people to in the forums but that takes time.

Anyway if you made it this far in my post good job for sticking with incoherent mumble. :rolleyes:


I checked out statisticspedia and registered today. I was pleasantly surprised at how much things are already changing and developing. Many of the questions I had are now answered. It's looking great :)


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I second or third everyones comments. Dason if you are a cottonheadedninnymuggins ? then so am I.

I began an article on distance measures and clean forgot to log back in. I plan to do this in the coming weeks when work calms down a bit (yeah right).

I would also like to see articles on or related to:

1) time series analysis (dealing with missing values, and autocorrelation)
2) also some back to basics stuff: eg. estimators (For example, when to choose REML over ML)
3) Permuation techniques

Lets get cracking!



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I´m also looking forward that article on randomization/permutation testing. By the way, is it me or statisticspedia have just been seriously spamed?


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It does appear to have been spammed. I don't think I can do anything about that but I'm sure quark will come along and clean that up. It's not typical spam but it appears the user that posted those articles posts the same things in quite a few locations. The articles don't really seem appropriate for SP though.

I hope to get that randomization test article up at some point - but it probably won't be until the semester starts.


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Edit: StatisticsPedia is dead. Sad day.
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