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Hi everyone,
It's my first post here, so now i'm proudly joining the ranks of talkstats users.
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I have an early stats career question. A few years ago I completed an undergrad in Business Info Systems which had virtually no math exposure and in school I was quite bad at math. I did do an Honours project that involved some (quite amateurish) statistical data analysis. Thanks to that I recently started a job as a research analyst in a market research company. Right when I started my current job, I also enrolled part-time in a Grad. Diploma in Applied Statistics. The things I am learning in this program are quite useful in terms of future career potential but I don't think that this program really prepares you as a serious full-scale "statistician". People admitted to the program do not need (and usually don't have) a quant degree, most students are from health sector. The subjects are explained using as little math as possible, more like a cookbook SPSS user manual. I try to study the subjects more in-depth using external material but often my limited math knowledge doesn't let me understand the topics deep enough. I still gain a valuable knowledge though especially compared to other research analysts in my company who have no idea say about the difference between unstandardised and standardised regression coefficients. i will complete my grad diploma this year. Here is the dilemma - I feel that I may not be fully prepared to work as a "statistician" due to lack of math skills and having never done any stats at undergrad level. Or am I just too critical on myself??
But I want some sort of change from Market Research industry in my career since all we do at the research agency is descriptive stats, T-tests and crosstabs, and occasional linear regression (most analysts just press right buttons in SPSS to get regression output and have a vague idea of the logic behind regression) and that's it. I feel that my stats knowledge is already vastly superior to others in the company. The management knows but doesn't really care about it cause they think they don't need any "sophisticated" analysis. If i were a "proper" statistician with undergrad degree in math/stats, i'd go for pure statiscian roles. But I am not. Knowledgewise, i fall right between those market research analysts who have no idea about anything other than T-tests and properly trained statisticians with a math/stats undergrad degree. So, what are my career options? WHere could I move to from market research which seems to be very shallow in stats. Hope someone could provide any insights.