Structural equation modeling (SEM)

Hello everyone,

for the first time in my life i did SEM in Amos. I watched some - good - Youtube videos and I put my model (see below) in it. My main question for you is the following: what do I need to consider when i put my variables into AMOS? Do i have to mean center them for example? Is it a problem if my scales aren't the same size? And my other question is: does my model in AMOS correspond with my conceptual model? My conceptual model does not include the 3 controlvariables, but the one in AMOS does.

I have used 12 variables:
Y (vaccinatiebereidheid (vaccine readiness)) = a scale from 0 - 100.

X1 (Vertrouwen (institutional trust) = a scale from 0 - 10 (it is an average of 8 items, so there are values between the whole numbers)
X2 (Participatie (social integration) = a scale from 0 - 1 (it a an average of 65 items, so that makes in continue and not binary)
X2 (Pro-socialiteit (Social value orientation) = a scale from 0 - 5 (it is an average of 10 items, so there are values between the whole numbers)

Mediator Links (political left) a scale 0 - 10)

Moderator Gezondheidsrisico (Health situation) (0 - 5 scale)
Interaction G_x_L (this is the mediator * moderation variable)

Moderator barrieres (barriers) - a continuous scale between 0 and 2.00
Interaction B_x_L (this is the mediator * moderation variable)

Controlvariable leeftijd (age) (18 - 103 is the range)
Controlvariable Coalitiepartij (coalition party) - binary scale
Controlvariable Coronadiagnose (covid diagnose) - binary scale
I ended up with this AMOS model and it is based on the conceptual model below.