Struggling to understand where to start for internships.

I started a master's in biostatistics recently and am looking to enter the pharmaceuticals industry once I graduate. Since I know that getting into an industry like pharma almost always requires relevant work experience, I've been looking for internships to apply to, but I'm struggling to figure out where to look and what to apply to. I've checked the ASA's website for example and almost all positions seem to be looking for PhD students rather than master's students. They also almost all demand a high level of proficiency in coding, whereas I'm really only experienced with some amount of data management and analysis using SAS, R, PANDAS, and STATA. It also seems like most internships are listed as things like "financial analyst" and positions I'm not particularly interested in, but they also seem like the only options available for some companies. Any advice on where I could start with looking for and applying to internships?