Stupid post for a newbie. There is a premade table. How do I know which gender is which number?

It's on the red rectangle. ''Sex = gender''.

I saw on a tutorial that if I clicked on Data View and then on Value Labels the numbers of each cell (0 and 1) would turn back to their original ''name'' (female and male). It's not working. How do know who is 0 and who is 1?



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I don't know SPSS any more but can't you look at the source code that generates the numbers and see it there? It might be in the form of a case statement. Or were you just given a table someone else built.

Believe me, yours was not a stupid post. :) Software can be annoying.


No cake for spunky
Does it given an id like a name you can actually check against to see what the dummy represents in the source data?