Survey question with multiple answers in SPSS

Hi lads,

I hope someone have answer for my problem. I have questions with multiple answers, and I'm not sure how can I bring these onto 1 line and conduct a descriptive analysis - frequencies. They are now showing as 15-1 , 15-2 and so on, but I was wondering to combine onto one line, but not sure how to do that cause just learning the spss.

Please see data below questions 15 and 16:

Any help greatly appreciated, many thanks Dommy

Hi Karabiner , many thanks for your reply.

You see the Question 15 had 8 different reply options als question 16 had 7 oprions.

I could run the report for one line at each time eg. 15_1 or 15_2 but I was wondering to do that for the whole answers pool, I mean from 15_1 to 15_8 . I'm not sure how can I do that.

See example below , there were 6 answers they could choose , and I was wondering to do this with the Question 15 and 16 as well.