Survey results analysis

Hi there,

I am very new with statistics and I am looking for some advice and ideas.

I found a lot of information in Google, but some times too technical or some times not sure if useful in my case, so I was hoping someone can give me some light.

I have conducted a survey to understand the quality of the documentation that I create for my clients. I have sent to my full list of clients (170) and I only got 13 responses, all of them completed 100 de survey.

In the survey there are three topics and three questions on each. So a total of 9 questions.

I did the clasical analysis of the median and the mean.

But I wonder I can do something more interesting.

Any ideas?

The answers are totally disagree, disagree, agree and totally agree. I have a five answer for “I don’t know”

Any suggestions?

I can use R Studio if needed.

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