Survival analysis with R Commander

I have a problem with survival analysis on R,using R Commander. I have installed and uploaded the "survival" package, but now I don 't if and what kind of dataset I have to open from It. I'm doing a project work on Heart failure management and the only dataset similar to mine is "Heart" but It seems to me a bit different from my original dataset ( ex:there is a variabile related to surgery but my dataset doesn't include this kind of variabile).
Do I really have to read a data set from the survival package package or It is enough to use the variabile of time and event I already have in my original dataset (TIMEMORTHF24 and MORTHF24).
Many thanks in advance


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What are you trying to explicitly model? Please provide an example of what your data may look like.

In a basic survival model you have an exposure (binary treatment: 0,1), censoring variable (person censored: 0,1), and time (typically a continuous variable until person had event or was censored). Some software and packages may code censoring or binary as 1,2 instead of 0,1 in order not to mix these two variables up.

Additional, covariates can be added to the model if desired, much like in multiple linear or logistic regression. Imbalances in background covariates can also be addressed using weights.