switching to statistics for master and phd?

i live in europe (and will stay here) studying accounting and finance
i was thinking to pursue a master and if i am good a phd in stats

i taken 2 statistic classes, 2 maths as compulsory and maybe some electives if i am good at it (like actuary statistics and econometrics)
and now, about graduate degrees

all of them will be part time (i gotta work to pay :( ) and in the same university -i like it and its the best business in the country, with second being far behind

so the idea is, go for part time master in statistics
its program "statistics for executives" and "statistic methods in decision making"
more or less

all the routes pretty much have risk management or timeline series

well i wont debate on which route i shall i take, pretty much same professors same deparment same everything

first question
will my background allow me participate in a master in statistics program?
generally, i am good in stats ( i understand everything teacher explains in first try)
but i might get bad at memorising formulas

second question
i know its too long termed
back masters are very expensive here (no funding) and i want to take into account in the back of my mind, that SOMEDAY i might want to get a phd
i know a master in stats would be excellent for a phd in econ or finance
the thing is, the university offer part time phd ONLY in statistics
and i cant afford to let job

will a part time master give me all things i need for a phd in stats?
ofc i dont plan any suicidal missions, not theoretical research, propably in a combination of risk management and banking system

3rd final and too much long termed :)
well, i would only get the phd to teach, so its as long termed as the 2nd
will an applied phd like this i am planning to, let me get into academics? or they prefer theoretical people