Sx comes up empty on my T-84 plus

I have a T-84 plus.I trying to find the varience of these values, 1.51, 1.52, 1.54 , 1.36, 1.43 , 1.44, 1.61, 1.49. I put each value in the L list and calculated standard deviation but when I do the Sx box is alway empty.


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Usually I'd ask for actual code but this time I'll do the one thing I normally hate. Can you post some photos of your calculator so we can actually see what you input and the commands you're using?
I pressed stat then selected edit. There I inputed the data in the list. Then I pressed stat again went to the calculate window and pressed enter on 1-Var Stats. Then I press enter on calculated only to find Sx is empty. I tired to upload picture but the file size is too big.