"+" symbol with Tex tags


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The [noparse][TEX] [/TEX][/noparse] tags seem to cause some trouble around here. They don't render the "+" symbol if it's in an equation which causes frustration for some users. I know these get rendered externally but is there anyway to fix this? Or possibly change the tex button to add math tags instead?
There seems to be a problem with google rendering engine, so please use the math tag instead. The math tag is processed differently from the spoiler/youtube/tex tags and it cannot be shown as a button. Sorry.

We'll stick with the good old math tag.



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Yeah I've mainly just been telling people to use the math tag instead but it seems that because there is a Tex button that most first time users that are familiar with LaTeX use that button and thus use the Tex tags and get frustrated that things aren't being rendered properly.
This latex rendering is an undocumented function of a google chart api, they are probably messing with it. When it's out of beta we'll bring it back.