Syntax for a Non-Parametric (Friedman/Rpt. Measures), Nested ANOVA?

Hi, all, how sweet it is to discover a stats forum w/ helpful users like yourselves. :D

Here's my first (but certainly not last) question for you all:

I have a 2X2 IV/repeated measures DV design w/ nested small groups (random effect variable; see Anderson & Ager, 1978). My measures are moderately-severely positively skewed, and transformations are ineffective; I'm considering running a modified Friedman ANOVA w/ a nested effect. The catch is: I've never done this. I found a paper (see Oron & Hoff, 2006, U. of Washington) demonstrating that this can be done; however, I'm a bit of a noob regarding syntax, SPSS or otherwise.

Has anybody tried this, or can anybody suggest some plausible syntax for how it could be run?

Thank you very much,